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A brand new look on your professional network

Poked instantly shows you all your LinkedIn connections. It's a lightweight CRM filled with the people important to YOUR work and career.

Plug & Play.
Unlike any other network manager, Poked is instantly filled with all your 1st-degree connections!
Exclusive Filters.
Browse precisely your connections with 17+ filters (including ones not on LinkedIn!).
Advanced sorting.
Who are your most influential connections? Who haven't you talked to in a while? Poked knows.
Contact infos.
Access your contacts emails, phones, websites and DMs in one click.

Organize your contacts

Poked helps you gain a ton of clarity on your professional network by allowing you to Tag and list your contacts.

Manual tag.
Create lists of LinkedIn contacts by assigning them tags. Easily access each list, and use these as filters in the inbox.
Mass tag.
If you have a list of LinkedIn contacts somewhere (automation tool, CRM), export it to Poked to mas tag segments of your network.
Sidebar tag.
Tag connections seamlessly as your browse LinkedIn via the Poked sidebar.

LinkedIn Sidebar

Add value to your connections by tagging and taking notes directly within LinkedIn thanks to the Poked sidebar.

Quickly assign Tags to people you come across as you browse LinkedIn.
Quickly take notes or start discussions directly from the inbox, or as you search potential customers.
Avoid back and forth.
Have full context on the people you’re talking to directly the LinkedIn inbox.

Export LinkedIn Data

Poked lets you export all of your your LinkedIn connections data. Including emails, experiences, educations, skills, languages, and more.

Export your LinkedIn data to .CSV and use it in Excel or with automation tools.
Export your LinkedIn data to .JSON for data processing purposes.
Integrations with Zapier and CRMs coming soon.

Start organizing your professional network.

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