General Can LinkedIn Premium Users See Anonymous Profiles?
Jules Maregiano Jul 20, 2023

Can LinkedIn Premium see anonymous profiles? In the sprawling digital networking universe that is LinkedIn, the question often arises.

Hold your breath - the short answer is no.

Regardless of whether you have LinkedIn Premium or not, if a user visits your profile in private mode, their identity will remain cloaked in mystery. A more nuanced explanation though, lies below.

How LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator Deals with Anonymous Visits

You've invested in LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator - a tool finely calibrated for the world's digital sales gurus. But does this investment reveal the identities of anonymous spectators? The answer is - no, LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator does not give you visibility of anonymous profiles. When someone has decided to tread the corridors of LinkedIn in their 'private mode' slippers, not even the mighty Sales Navigator can unlatch the privacy door.

For the LinkedIn Premium Recruiters, the story isn't different.

Can LinkedIn Premium for Recruiters give access to Anonymous Visitors?

LinkedIn Premium for Recruiters, a bespoke tool designed for the ace talent scouts of our times. But can it pierce the privacy veil? Once again, the answer is no. Even if you wield the power of LinkedIn Premium for Recruiters, you can't see who's behind an anonymous profile visit. The rule of privacy here is simple - if someone opts to move incognito, their footprints are covered, even in the face of the most advanced tools.

This takes us to an important conversation about LinkedIn privacy.

Understanding LinkedIn's Commitment to Privacy

LinkedIn's privacy settings are robust, designed to give you control over how you appear to others. The aforementioned 'private mode' is just one manifestation of this commitment. But what else lurks in LinkedIn's privacy vault? Check out our articles, "Are LinkedIn messages private?" and "LinkedIn Private Mode: How to View LinkedIn Profiles Privately" for a comprehensive deep-dive into this topic.

For more immediate concerns, let's tackle some FAQs that could be tapping at your curiosity.


Q1. Can you message someone on LinkedIn who has viewed your profile anonymously?

Absolutely! You can always send a direct message to any LinkedIn user, even if they viewed your profile anonymously. However, they need to accept your request first before you can start the conversation.

Q2. Can I see how many times an anonymous user has visited my profile?

No. LinkedIn does not provide any stats or insights on the frequency of visits from anonymous users.

Q3. How can I switch to private mode on LinkedIn?

Easy-peasy. Go to your LinkedIn settings, navigate to "Privacy", then "Profile viewing options". Here you can select "Private mode". If you need a detailed tutorial on how to go anonymous we’ve got you covered.

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