LinkedIn Bulk-messaging

Bulk Messaging: Personalized Communication at Scale

The only LinkedIn bulk-message automation that puts quality over quantity.

At Poked, we believe in the power of quality over quantity. That translates into features focused on a high degree of personalization. Poked's Bulk Messaging feature redefines how you engage your LinkedIn network, moving away from cold, spammy outreach, and choosing personalization at scale instead.

Features and Benefits

Quickly select specific segments of your network.

Poked lets you initiate bulk messages directly from the CRM or Inbox. This seamless integration allows for precise filtering, whether you’re following-up on unanswered messages, reaching out to a list of tagged contacts, or calling out to the people matching a specific search results.

Create Personalized Templated messages

Craft your message templates with placeholders for first and last names, allowing for a personal touch in every bulk message.

The Customization Step

  • Preview and Personalize: Before sending, review each message in the customization step. This feature ensures that every message you send is tailored and relevant.
  • Rich Information Access: View your contact’s full profile details, including work experience, education, skills, and personal notes, right next to your message draft. This allows for highly specific customization of each message.
  • Highly Personalized Outreach: Transform generic outreach into meaningful conversations.

Scheduling Capabilities

Poked lets you schedule your LinkedIn bulk messages to be sent out at a later time. This allows you to plan specific messaging campaigns in advance and execute with ease and precision.

Safe and Strategic Sending

Our years of experience with LinkedIn automation taught us the best practices in terms of bulk message sending. For that reason, messages are sent over a period to ensure your account remains in good standing with LinkedIn’s guidelines. Poked smartly navigates LinkedIn’s communication limits to maintain the highest level of integrity of your network.

Poked’s Bulk Messaging feature is more than a tool; it’s your partner in crafting meaningful, personalized communication at scale. With the power to customize each message and the intelligence to send them safely and strategically, Poked empowers you to deepen your professional relationships efficiently and effectively.

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