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How do you work on LinkedIn
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the LinkedIn inbox for .

Say goodbye to forgotten contacts, missed messages, and time wasted in the feed.
Poked helps professional organize their contacts, nurture the VIPs, and close more deals on LinkedIn.

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Your LinkedIn network is a treasure

Your LinkedIn network is filled with valuable contacts.
But it’s hard to navigate and you end up losing opportunities. Poked displays your network in ways you’ve never seen it before. uncovering hidden gems within your contacts.

Organize your network in list of contacts.
See your whole network in a comprehensive way.
Browse your network and access contact informations quickly.

Manage your LinkedIn inbox like Gmail

Big business happens in the LinkedIn inbox. But we miss many opportunities because of a lack of key features. Poked helps you sort your inbox by level of importance of recipients, follow-up on sensitive messages immediately, and reach inbox zero every day.

Multiple inboxes.
Sort conversations by categories and urgency.
Advanced filters.
Find unread, unreplied, and starred messages immediately.
Snooze conversations until the next follow-up.

All your LinkedIn contacts info in one place

LinkedIn makes it hard to reach out to the right people whether by sector, country or senority. Poked removes this friction and displays all the relevant information about someone at a glance. It’s much much easier than sifting through LinkedIn manually.

Private notes.
Remember details about each contacts better than anyone else.
See the profile of the people you're talking to directly in the conversation.
Personal infos.
Access emails and contact informations easily.

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All the data you need to reach your business goal is on LinkedIn. By reorganizing it and making it easy to use, we empower you to do 10x more in half the time.


Install the Chrome Extension

The link between your new interface and LinkedIn is made via a browser extension available on the official Chrome store.


Sync LinkedIn account

In under 60 seconds your LinkedIn contacts and inbox displays in a way you’ve never seen before.


Manage your network

Start creating your first tags, and see your inbox being divided in multiple inboxes, much easier to deal with and stay on top of.

Frequently asked questions

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What's Poked Pricing?
Poked is free for the duration of the beta. You can support us and secure yourself a Poked account forever of you opt for a lifetime deal. Check the pricing page.
Does it work with Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiters?
At the moment, Poked allows you to manage your standard, free LinkedIn account. Sales Navigator and Recruiters Lite are not available yet, but scheduled to come out soon. If it's important for you, let us know via the chat and join the beta tester group.
Is it only available on Chrome?
At the moment yes. But let us know via the chat what browser you're on and we'll push that up our to-do list.

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