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Poked helps you organize your network , manage your inbox , and work efficiently on every relationship.

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LinkedIn is a social network, We redesigned it for work.

    • Before
    • Distractions from the main feed
    • Missed or delayed responses
    • Ineffective engagement
    • Slow and cumbersome navigation
    • Time lost and loss of focus
    • After
    • Focused and purposeful networking
    • Prompt replies and follow-ups
    • Strategic engagement
    • Unified and efficient data access
    • Valuable hours saved each week

Connections manager

All your contacts in one place

Take a brand new look at your LinkedIn network by having all your connections neatly organized in a clean table.

Effortlessly locate specific contacts with robust filters over every LinkedIn datapoints (and some extras).
Streamline your network with customizable tags for clarity and focus.
Prioritize your most influential or under-engaged contacts.
Conveniently export contact details in .CSV or .JSON format.

Profile panel

Know your contacts in detail

Whether you're in Poked or on LinkedIn, the side panel lets you perform quick actions.

Always know who you're talking to, from within the LinkedIn inbox or on a profile.
Take notes on your contacts to remind you of how you met and next actions to pursue.
Contact infos.
Have direct access to your connections' email, website, or Twitter.

Smart inbox

Inbox Zero for LinkedIn DMs

Revolutionize your LinkedIn inbox with Gmail-like features and smart automations.

Folders & Filters.
Tackle important conversations first with advanced search and sorting.
Keep your inbox focused by deferring conversations to a more appropriate time.
Never miss a follow-up with our convenient message scheduling.


Bulk actions to work faster

Amplify your LinkedIn activity with Poked’s intelligent, personalized automation features.

Send bulk messages.
Engage distinct audience segments with personalized, thoughtful, messages, at scale. New
Archive inbox.
Keep your inbox clean by archiving or deleting 1,000s of messages in a couple of clicks. Soon
Remove connections.
Easily select and remove lists of connections that are not relevant anymore. Soon

Connections manager

All your contacts in one place

Take a brand new look at your LinkedIn network by having all your connections neatly organized in a clean table.

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    Whether it’s $1 or $1,000,000, we can put your money to work for you.

  • Build a balanced portfolio

    Invest in different industries to find the most opportunities to win huge.

  • Trade in real-time

    Get insider tips on big stock moves and act on them within seconds.

  • Profit from your network

    Invite new insiders to get tips faster and beat even other Pocket users.

  • Encrypted and anonymized

    Cutting-edge security technology that even the NSA doesn’t know about keeps you hidden.

  • Portfolio tracking

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What our customers say

“I deal with 50+ conversations with candidates on a daily basis: Poked helped me organize my inbox and save multiples hours a week.”

Adrien Mostert
Freelance recruiter

“I run marketing for 3 companies and constantly network. Poked allows me to track of who's who and reply faster.”

Diane Fastrez
Fractional CMO @Chapitre

“I open Poked once a day to do all my LinkedIn inbox messages. It's efficient, and distraction free.”

Anis Gadhgadhi
Founder @SaveToNotion

“Thanks to Poked, I was able to uncover multiple high-ticket prospects in my existing network and already converted one.”

Ben Issen
Founder @Supercreative

“Poked is first tool that solves LinkedIn contact management for me. Every one active on LinkedIn should give it a try!”

Jorge Ruivinho
Manager @Randstaad

“The focused view saves me 20 minutes a day of back-and-forth between conversations and constantly opening and closing my recipients' profile tabs.”

Octave Laurentin
Founder @Datakudo

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