Do your LinkedIn work 10x more efficiently

Poked is a powerful interface to do your LinkedIn work:
Sell, hire, network, and follow-up on every opportunity like an absolute professional.

Used by 200 companies including

LinkedIn CRM

Understand the value of your existing network

You can delete your Excel: Poked imports your LinkedIn connections and let you organize them into actionable lists.

Tag your contacts as soon as they join your network. Create efficient lists and funnels to streamline your sales or hiring processes.
Leverage advanced filters to swiftly identify potential candidates or partners within your existing network.
Effortlessly export your connections' contact information to a .CSV file for sales or marketing email campaigns.

Profile panel

Build stronger 1:1 relationships

Once your network organized, gain deeper knowledge of each individual connection: Poked gathers the information available on LinkedIn with your private notes in a clean interface.

Poked imports and displays your connections' public data from LinkedIn, in compliance with GDPR rules.
Part of your 1st-degree connections' data is their contact informations: Email, Twitter, websites, and more.
How did you meet? What did you say? Take personal notes on your interaction and push some to your CRM.

LinkedIn inbox

Follow-up on every conversation

LinkedIn's inbox isn't optimized for professional use. We've designed a more efficient interface for your inbox.

Prioritize responses to VIPs and minimize distractions with our Tags feature, which divides the inbox into smaller, manageable sections.
Use filters such as unread, unreplied, starred, and archived to quicly navigate through your LinkedIn messages.
Make sure to follow-up on every conversations by snoozing a conversation and have back in your inbox when the time is right.


LinkedIn account safety

We're devoted to creating a robust tool that exclusively enhances your first-degree LinkedIn connections, operating in a way that aligns with the spirit, though not technically, with LinkedIn's Terms of Service.


Poked is designed to respect and enhance authentic interactions while efficiently managing contacts, not promoting spam. While we aren't technically compliant with LinkedIn's Terms, we aim to comply fully in spirit.

Data Usage and GDPR Compliance

Poked operates in a way that respects your privacy. We reorganize and present your LinkedIn data without selling it. All data processing activities comply with the GDPR Regulation, which emphasizes consent, data minimization, and the right to access or delete personal data.


We're working towards gaining official approval from LinkedIn. Until then, we've designed Poked to align as closely as possible with LinkedIn's Terms of Service. To our knowledge, no user has been suspended due to using Poked.


What our customers say

“I deal with 50+ conversations with candidates on a daily basis: Poked helped me organize my inbox and save multiples hours a week.”

Adrien Mostert
Freelance recruiter

“I run marketing for 3 companies and constantly network. Poked allows me to track of who's who and reply faster.”

Diane Fastrez
Fractional CMO @Chapitre

“I open Poked once a day to do all my LinkedIn inbox messages. It's efficient, and distraction free.”

Anis Gadhgadhi
Founder @SaveToNotion

“Thanks to Poked, I was able to uncover multiple high-ticket prospects in my existing network and already converted one.”

Ben Issen
Founder @Supercreative

“Poked is first tool that solves LinkedIn contact management for me. Every one active on LinkedIn should give it a try!”

Jorge Ruivinho
Manager @Randstaad

“The focused view saves me 20 minutes a day of back-and-forth between conversations and constantly opening and closing my recipients' profile tabs.”

Octave Laurentin
Founder @Datakudo

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