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Bulk Disconnect LinkedIn Connections

Clean your LinkedIn network of irrelevant contacts and make room for new ones at scale, thank to our LinkedIn bulk disconnect automation.

5 Reasons Why You Should Bulk Disconnect from Irrelevant LinkedIn Contacts

  1. Boost Content Engagement: Your LinkedIn posts' reach is partly determined by how your connections engage with them. A network filled with irrelevant contacts means lower engagement and, consequently, reduced visibility. Cleaning up your network can give your future posts the visibility they deserve!
  2. Make Room for Valuable Connections: LinkedIn caps your connections at 30,000. If you're nearing this limit, it's time to prune your network. Use Poked to declutter and make space for connections that truly add value to your professional life.
  3. Enhance Network Quality: It's not just about having a vast network; it's about having a relevant one. By disconnecting from contacts that no longer align with your professional interests, you ensure your network remains high-quality and beneficial.
  4. Reduce Distractions in your LinkedIn feed: A more targeted LinkedIn network means less clutter in your feed. This allows you to focus more on content and connections that are relevant to your current professional needs.
  5. Realign Your Professional Goals: As your career evolves, so should your LinkedIn network. Regularly updating your connections ensures that your network aligns with your current professional trajectory and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my LinkedIn contacts be notified when I disconnect from them?

No, LinkedIn does not notify users when someone disconnects from them. The removal process is discreet, and your contacts will not receive any notification about the disconnection. However, they may notice the change if they visit your profile or look for you in their connections list.

Will the LinkedIn contacts I disconnected from still follow me?

Disconnecting from a contact on LinkedIn does not automatically remove them as a follower. They will still be able to see your public posts and updates unless they choose to unfollow you or you block them.

How does the bulk disconnect feature help in managing my LinkedIn network more efficiently?

The bulk disconnect feature allows you to efficiently curate your LinkedIn network by removing outdated or less relevant contacts. This helps in maintaining a more focused and valuable network, making room for new, more relevant connections that align better with your current professional goals and interests.

Is there a limit to how many connections I can disconnect from at once using

Yes, to ensure responsible use of the platform and to align with LinkedIn's guidelines, there is a limit to the number of connections you can disconnect from at one time. This helps in maintaining the quality and integrity of your network while using our tool.

Can I undo a bulk disconnection if I change my mind?

Once you have disconnected from contacts using the bulk disconnect feature, the action cannot be undone automatically. If you change your mind, you will need to reconnect with each individual manually by sending them a new connection request.

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