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Filter your LinkedIn Network

Enhance LinkedIn Filtering Connections: Streamline Your LinkedIn Network with Precision

Poked’s advanced filtering feature is designed to revolutionize how you navigate and manage your LinkedIn network. With a comprehensive range of filters, you can swiftly segment and prioritize your connections, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and aligned with your goals.

How It Works

Before diving into the specifics of each filter, it's important to note that Poked requires users to synchronize their LinkedIn contacts for an all-encompassing filtering experience. Poked auto-synchronizes approximately 50 profiles daily, but users have the option to manually sync more for a complete and up-to-date network view.

Available Filters

  1. Name: Locate connections quickly by their names.
  2. Headline: Filter by specific keywords in LinkedIn headlines.
  3. Current Job Title & Company: Target individuals based on their current professional roles and organizations.
  4. Past Job Titles & Companies: Identify connections based on their previous positions and employers.
  5. Follower Count: Focus on high-impact individuals with substantial LinkedIn followings.
  6. Connection Date: Sort contacts by the date you connected, ideal for follow-up strategies.
  7. Location: Geographically segment your network for localized outreach.
  8. Education: Filter by educational background, great for alumni networking.
  9. Skills: Pinpoint connections with specific skill sets.
  10. Language: Tailor your network based on language proficiencies.
  11. Notes: Utilize your personalized notes for targeted filtering.
  12. Have We Chatted?: Identify contacts you’ve had conversations with for follow-ups.
  13. Email, Twitter, Phone, Website Availability: Segment connections based on available contact information for diversified communication strategies.

Optimizing Your Networking Strategy

With Poked’s filtering, you can:

  • Enhance Sales Prospecting: Quickly identify and focus on high-value leads.
  • Streamline Recruitment Efforts: Find candidates who match specific job requirements.
  • Boost Event Networking: Plan your event strategies by filtering contacts based on location, industry, or company.
  • Personalize Outreach: Use notes and conversation history to craft personalized messages.

Key Benefits

  • Time Efficiency: Dramatically reduce the time spent in searching and organizing your network.
  • Strategic Networking: Engage with the right contacts at the right time, enhancing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn presence.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed networking decisions based on comprehensive data points.

Poked’s filtering feature empowers you to navigate your LinkedIn network with unprecedented precision and efficiency. By leveraging this powerful tool, you can transform your networking strategy, ensuring every connection and conversation is optimally aligned with your professional objectives.

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