General Every Useful LinkedIn Links for Pros: 2023 Cheatsheet
Jules Maregiano Apr 20, 2023

To help Poked users (and ourselves) navigate LinkedIn faster, we gathered a list of every useful links within LinkedIn.

Bookmark it. Be kind to your future self and bookmark this link. You’ll save yourself time next time you’re looking for a secret place or feature on LinkedIn.

Accounts settings

LinkedIn settings are filled with a 1,000 little knobs that allow you to have a better, safer, more private experience.

Dark mode Turn on LinkedIn dark mode to save the world and your eyesight.
Hide everyone’s face! Did you know it’s possible to hide everyone’s profile picture on LinkedIn? I swear it’s true!
Hibernate LinkedIn account Deactivate your LinkedIn account if you want to be 100% invisible on LinkedIn but not delete your account history.
Merge LinkedIn accounts If you created another account on your main email address, or on a professional address, LinkedIn lets you merge both.
Change LinkedIn email If you’re looking to change your LinkedIn account email.
Reset LinkedIn Password If you have your password but wish to change for a new one.
Delete LinkedIn account That’s it, you’re done, good bye. Close your LinkedIn account once and for all. No turning back.

Data & Privacy

GDPR and privacy laws gave us, LinkedIn users, useful settings to protect our online presence.

Everyone you blocked How many stalkers did you blocked? You can check the full list here and maybe forgive some of them?
Who can see my email Did you know that al your LinkedIn connections can by default see your email address? Change this here.
Data used by Ads for targeting Did you know you can turn on and off which of your data ads can use for targetting? Education, connections, demographics, etc.


Clear the noise, and focus on the actions that really matter by cherry-picking the notifications LinkedIn sends your way.

Manage Email notifications Deactivate or select which email notifications will reach your email inbox.
Manage Phone notification Turn off or tune down the amout of notifications that you receive from the LinkedIn smartphone app.


Your LinkedIn profile is visible by every single person that you have, are, and will ever work with. It’s an understatement to say it’s worth updating, if not optimizing.

Hide LinkedIn profile Hide your LinkedIn profile from people’s analytics and viewer’s list.
Browse LinkedIn anonymously Decide whether people can see your name when you browse their LinkedIn profile.
See how people see your profile Do you wonder how your LinkedIn profile to someone that doesn’t know you at all? That’s how.
Change LinkedIn Profile URL Customize your LinkedIn profile URL here.
Create your Profile Badge A badge is a link to your LinkedIn profile that helps promote your profile on an external website.
Edit Profile Sections Visibility Do you want strangers to know your past companies, schools, languages, etc.? Specify everything as you see fit.


Everyone you unfollowed If you ever unfollowed someone to avoid receiving their news in the LinkedIn feed, that list is available here.


Content Analytics See how many people have seen your LinkedIn posts over the last year.
Audience Analytics Find out how many new people have followed you on LinkedIn over the last period.


Your groups See every LinkedIn groups that you’re currently a member of.
Pending groups Every LinkedIn groups which admins have not granted you access to.


Time flies, and Internet hasn’t forgotten stuff that you saved or created years ago. LinkedIn lets you take a look at your past, and manage what is still relevant, and what is not.

Every Jobs I Posted Every jobs offers that you have posted on LinkedIn, for a current or past company.
Every Jobs I Applied To Every job you appled to on LinkedIn.
Every Bookmarked Posts If you ever bookmarked a LinkedIn post (and forgot about it), today is the day you’re finally reading them!
Every Pulse articles LinkedIn Pulse articles comes with a Publishing menu that’s rather hard to find. Access all your Live, Drafted, and Schedule LinkedIn Articles here.
Every Posts I posted The list of all the LinkedIn Posts you ever posted.
Every likes you gave and comments you made Every LinkedIn posts you reacted to.


Your professioal connections are the most valuable assets you will have in your professional life. That a major idea LinkedIn, and us, at Poked, defend. If you wish to nurture and manage your LinkedIn network like the best professionals, check out our networking features.

See all my connections requests List all the connection requests you sent, but that have yet to be accepted. Perhaps it’s time to clean a few of them?
See every invitations to connect List of all the LinkedIn connection requests that you are yet to accept.
Export my LinkedIn contacts Do you want to export all your LinkedIn contacts to Excel. Go there, but don’t expect to find your contacts email addresses or phone numbers.
Restrict connections requests If you receive too many connection requests, restrict who can request you as a connection.
See all my connections A basic list of all your LinkedIn connections.


Below are all the links allowing you to add up to the LinkedIn social media.

New Post Create a new LinkedIn post for your audience.
New Company page Create a new Company page, if you created a company, or on your employer’s behalf.
New Showcase page Showcase pages are meant to showcase secondary produt, services, or brand, of a main company. More about Showcase pages.
New School page Did you just opened a school or educational program? Create it on LinkedIn so that students can add you to their education.
New Job offer Create a new job offer for your company, or on behalf of your organization.
New Pulse Article Create a new Pulse article.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn pricing is not the easiest to navigate. To help you find your way and pick the best LinkedIn product for your needs, here are the most important links.

Cancel any LinkedIn Paid Plan Cancel or pause your LinkedIn premium plan there.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core Price See if you have discounts and purchase the basic LinkedIn Sales Navigator plan.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Price Purchase the advanced LinkedIn Sales Navigator plan.
LinkedIn Recruiter Light Purchase the LinkedIn Recruiters plan.
Contact LinkedIn Customer Support If you have Googled hard for a solution but can’t find any, here is how to reach LinkedIn support.


What did we miss? Drop us a message if any of these links is outdated or if you found a feature we missed. We work on keeping this list as up-to-date as possible.

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