General Linkedin Open-to-work: Super Useful and Dangerous Altogether
Jean Dubrulle Jan 20, 2023

OpentoWork is a status on Linkedin that allows you to openly or secretly tell people you’re looking for a job. At first, it seems super useful, but you may use it carefully. Why is that?Opentowork is especially great for a candidate who is looking for a job and has a position and doesn't want to say so, or for the candidate who doesn't have a position and doesn't want to openly say so either.

In both cases, it is not always easy to communicate your situation.

The worst being probably to communicate in your title that you are "actively looking" (and unfortunately we see this very often) when you do not have a job, or to explicitly indicate that you are open to all proposals.

So what does Opentowork look like and how to use it in the best way?

How to add open to work on LinkedIn?

To activate the #OpenToWork function on your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile
  2. In the top section, locate the box saying “Show recruiters you’re open to work”
  3. Click on “Get started”
  4. Fill in the information: which type of job you’re interested in, your ideal workplace situation, the job location and your availabilities
  5. Decide whether the Opentowork information should be share to all your network or recruiters only

Note: if you opt for “All LinkedIn members” your entire network will know about your situation and a green badge will be added to your profile.

How to tell recruiters only that you're open for opportunities?

Simply select the "Recruiters Only" option.

Recruiters who have Linkedin's recruiting tools will see it, but not the whole world, not all your colleagues, not your HR business partner and especially, not your boss.

The number one mistake to avoid with #OpentoWork

One problem with the OpentoWork status, however, is that recruiters will see your status as "open" and think that they can reach out at any time.

If your job search is not fully underway yet, you may want to avoid using the OpentoWork feature until you are ready for getting hired. This often results in job seekers receiving emails from recruiters who don't understand the importance of timing in a professional relationship.

Because let's be clear: you are immediately less interesting for a recruiter when you are available.

One might ask:

But why is he available?Is he or she a good collaborator?Has he or she been fired ?

As for indicating that you are open to opportunities while you are in your current position, and this in a global way, it amounts to openly telling your current employer that you are not very happy.

When it comes to bonuses and incentives, this is probably a signal best avoided.

In fact, to sum it up for you, it's like putting a sign around your neck saying "I'm unemployed" or "I'm about to leave my company."

How to use #OpentoWork the smart way

If it's your choice to share your job search openly, but if you want my opinion, in that case, it's better to operate under the radar and let people know you want to leave the day you resign.

Even though being open to market proposals is not condemnable, it all depends on the way you make it known.

LinkedIn is a wealth of information and is generally under-utilized by candidates, who do not see its full potential, such as the search for alumni or the ability to locate and contact a professional in a specific position.

The best way to leverage OpentoWork is to opt for a targeted approach. Let recruiters know that you’re looking for a job and start building a network of interesting people to reach out to. But how?

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