Recruiting LinkedIn Skill Assessment Test: Ultimate Guide
Jules Maregiano Dec 20, 2022

How does the LinkedIn Skill Assessment feature can help you save time sourcing and screening when you’re recruiting? That’s the question we’re answering today with a few pros and cons to adding this LinkedIn feature to your hiring process as a recruiter.

LinkedIn Skills, Badges, Assessment Tests, and Certifications, etc. can be quite confusing if you’re not a LinkedIn certified expert. And even if it’s the case, how do you use them in hiring?

Worry not, put down that cup of coffee, and open a LinkedIn tab to start taking action. We’re about to give you actionable tips to improve the way you hire on LinkedIn. Let’s dive in!

What are LinkedIn Skills, Badges, and Assessment Tests, and certifications ?

First thing’s first, let’s clarify the lingo a little bit. LinkedIn has multiple ways of showcasing your skills and Skill Assessment is just the latest way of doing it.

LinkedIn Skills

LinkedIn Skills are user-selected skills displayed on your profile. You can add these skills yourself, and your connections can endorse you for each specific skill. This social proof mechanism helps demonstrate your expertise in various areas.

LinkedIn Badges

LinkedIn Badges are certifications granted by LinkedIn upon successful completion of a LinkedIn Skill Assessment Test. These badges are a practical way to showcase your skills and knowledge, giving your profile a credibility boost.

LinkedIn Skill Assessment Tests

LinkedIn Skill Assessment Tests are quizzes created by LinkedIn in collaboration with domain specialists. These tests allow you to earn badges by proving your expertise in specific skills. Here's what you need to know about these tests:

  • They consist of 15 questions, with 4 possible answers each.
  • Each question must be answered in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Score higher than 70% correct answers, and the badge is yours.
  • Fail the test, and you'll have to wait 3 months before being allowed to take it again.

LinkedIn Certifications

LinkedIn Certifications are earned through paid online courses. These courses typically last multiple hours, if not days, and often focus on specific tools or platforms (such as Adobe, Juniper, or Docker). They provide a comprehensive learning experience, allowing you to delve deeper into your chosen field. Upon completion, LinkedIn will award you a Certification that you can choose to display on your profile.

How LinkedIn Skills Assessment Tests impact you as a recruiter

Now that we’ve clarified things, let’s get practical: How can you, as a recruiter, use LinkedIn Skills and Assessment Tests to save time? Used intelligently, for the right jobs, at the right stage of the hiring process, LinkedIn Skill Assessment tests can become a huge time-savior.

Sourcing: Enhanced Filters in Advanced Search

LinkedIn Skills Assessment Tests can be a game-changer during the sourcing process. When using LinkedIn's advanced search feature, you can filter candidates based on their skills and badges. This extra layer of filtering allows you to quickly identify candidates who possess the desired qualifications, streamlining your search for the perfect match.

LinkedIn Recruiters Search features allows filtering on Skills

Screening: A Value-Adding Exercise in Job Descriptions

Including LinkedIn Skill Assessment Tests as an optional or required exercise in your job description can be a clever strategy. By inviting applicants to take the tests, you'll attract candidates who are genuinely interested in the position and willing to invest time and effort to demonstrate their skills. This approach can help you differentiate between candidates who simply apply to every job and those who are truly committed to joining your team.

Combine Skill Badges with other signals

Successful LinkedIn Skill Assessment tests translate into Badges to people who pass them. They do show seriousness and basic skills on said topics. Combine them with other criterion, and only spend time on the most valuable candidations. Some criterion can be:

  • Endorsements. Endorsements demonstrates pro-activity and an ability to work on ones network.
  • Public recommendations. Recommendations are another social proof, but much more valuable since they require the recommender to put not only their name and reputation on the line, but also take time to write a recommendation.

Add to these diploma, previous experiences, endorsements, etc. and you should end up with pretty relevant candidates in your hiring pipe.

The Limits of LinkedIn Skills: Cheat-sheets and fake reviews

If it isn’t your first rodeo as a recruiter, you’re well aware that looking good on paper doesn’t mean being competent in real life. I realized that when preparing this article, from my first Google search:

Just take a look at the first page of Google results - cheat sheets abound. Plus, endorsements and reviews can be faked, rendering the results of these tests suspect.

But fear not, fellow recruiters! There are ways to navigate these challenges. Don't rely solely on the results of these tests - use them as a starting point for further evaluation. Ask probing questions during the interview process and delve deeper into candidates' knowledge and experience. By supplementing these tests with other forms of evaluation, you can ensure that you're identifying the most qualified candidates for your open positions.


LinkedIn Skill Assessment Tests are without a doubt, useful for sourcing and screening prospects. but the seasonned marketer will know to use them only for high volume job offers, and will stay aware of their limitations and potential drawbacks.

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