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Jules Maregiano Apr 20, 2023

What do the green dots mean on LinkedIn? That’s an interesting question if just you’re getting started with LinkedIn (or Internet at this point). Let’s get you up-to-date!

The green dots you see on LinkedIn profiles are an active status indicator.

This feature helps you identify whether a connection is currently online or has been recently active. In this article, we'll explore what these green dots mean, their benefits, and how to manage your own green dot settings.

Understanding the green dot system

Active status indicator

The green dots on LinkedIn profiles act as an active status indicator, signaling that a user is either online or has recently been active on the platform. This feature allows you to gauge the best time to engage with your connections, potentially leading to quicker responses and more productive conversations.

Three types of green dots

There are two types of green dots you might encounter on LinkedIn:

  1. Solid green dot: Indicates that the user is currently online and active on LinkedIn.
  2. Green dot with a white circle: Signifies that the user is available on mobile but not currently active on the platform.

When there is not dot, the user is currently offline and does not wish to be reveal his status. If you want to hide your status too, click here to modify your visibility settings.

Benefits of the green dot feature

Improved networking opportunities

The green dot feature allows users to identify when their connections are online, which can lead to more fruitful networking opportunities. Catching your connections and prospects when they're online increases your chances of sparking up a discussion, and turn into a strong professional relationship over time.

Effective communication

Knowing when someone is online can facilitate more effective communication on LinkedIn. If you see a green dot next to a connection's name, it may be the perfect time to reach out with questions, share relevant articles, or discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Enable and customize your green dot settings

LinkedIn allows users to enable or disable their active status, giving you control over whether others can see your green dot. To manage this setting, edit directly to the visibility status setting option.

If you want to go there manually, simply navigate to your “Settings & Privacy”, click on "Visibility," and toggle the "Show active status" option on or off.

LinkedIn etiquette and the green dot

The green dots on LinkedIn are a useful feature that can enhance networking and communication on the platform. By understanding what the dots signify and using them respectfully, you can make the most of this feature to improve your professional relationships.

But just because someone has a green dot next to their name doesn't mean they're available for immediate conversation. Use your newly acquired knowledge responsibily!


Q1. What do the green dots on LinkedIn profiles mean?

The green dots on LinkedIn profiles indicate a user's active status. A solid green dot means the user is currently online and active, while a green dot with a white circle indicates the user is available on mobile but not presently active on the platform.

Q2. Can I disable the green dot feature on my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, you can disable the green dot feature by navigating to your Privacy & Settings, clicking on "Visibility," and toggling the "Show active status" option on or off.

Q3. Is it appropriate to message someone on LinkedIn just because they have a green dot next to their name?

While the green dot can be a helpful indicator of when someone is online, it's important to respect others' time and maintain professional etiquette. Only reach out if you have a relevant reason for doing so, and always be respectful and considerate in your communication.

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