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Bulk Archive your LinkedIn Conversations

Keeping a tidy LinkedIn inbox is necessary to answering and following-up with your professional network. Unfortunately, LinkedIn misses a lot of inbox management features. Poked’s inbox bulk features comes to the rescue by letting you mass select and archive LinkedIn conversations in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does bulk archiving in Poked differ from LinkedIn's native archiving options?

Unlike LinkedIn, where you must select messages one by one to archive them, Poked simplifies this process. With Poked, you can use a 'select all' checkbox to choose multiple messages at once, saving time and effort. Additionally, Poked offers filters to sort messages by categories like unread, unanswered, answered, or specific dates. This makes it even easier to select and archive messages in bulk, tailored to your specific needs.

Can I retrieve messages once they are bulk archived using Poked?

Certainly! If you've archived messages using Poked, you can easily access them anytime. Just go to the 'Archive' section in Poked's LinkedIn inbox. Here, all your archived messages are stored, allowing you to view or retrieve them whenever you need.

Is there a limit to the number of messages I can bulk archive at once with Poked?

Currently, with Poked, you can archive up to 40 messages at a time. We understand the need for more flexibility, and we're actively working to increase this limit to an unlimited amount. To stay updated on our progress and to prioritize this feature, you can check our roadmap here. Your input is valuable as we continually improve our services.

How does bulk archiving with Poked help in managing LinkedIn messages more efficiently?

Using Poked's bulk archiving feature streamlines your LinkedIn message management significantly. It saves you time and effort by allowing you to organize large volumes of messages quickly. Instead of manually sorting through each message, you can archive multiple messages at once. This efficiency helps in decluttering your inbox, making it easier to focus on important messages and enhancing your overall productivity on LinkedIn.

Does using Poked's bulk archive feature affect the visibility or status of messages on LinkedIn?

Yes, when you archive messages in Poked, they are also archived on LinkedIn, both on desktop and smartphone platforms. This synchronization ensures that your message organization is consistent across both platforms. Similarly, if you archive a message on LinkedIn, it will be reflected in Poked as well. This seamless integration helps maintain a unified inbox experience, regardless of where you choose to manage your messages.

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